The European Superbike Master Series is a continental trophy dedicated to those legendary bikes that made the history of the Superbike. True masterpieces ridden by champions like Fred Merkel, Doug Polen, Scott Russel , Carl Fogarty, Troy Bayliss just to name a few. A serie that propose a formula and regulation from last-century Superbike. Two races on Sunday, two qualifying on Saturday that ends with the original Superpole, with only one flying lap for the rider.

Admitted models from 1988 up to 2003, for which 2 different rankings will be draft. A total of 5 rounds, respectively 2 in Italy, 1 in Spain, 1 in Slovakia and 1 in Croatia. A championship that will get back on track lots of team managers and technicians from the ‘90s and ‘00s, who truly know these bikes.


Starting grid is defined by two official qualifyings (40 mins each) held on Saturday.
The first 9  classified riders will take part in the Superpole (1 flying lap each rider) that will define the starting place for the first 3 rows.

Fred Merkel

On Sunday, race 1 and race 2 will be held. Those races will have separated scores and podiums.

Rankings for the following categories will be established:

  • bikes with year of production up until 1996
  • bikes with year of production  up until 2003

The trophy is tyred controlled by Dunlop. The regulation is close to the original Superbike one, with adaptation of the wheel rim from 16,5 to 17’.

All the bikes must be showed in both assets and look as much as possible close to the original and either way being historically coherent with the tecnical context of the production years.

It cannot be object of modification in respect of the original engine, shape and size of head, cilinder, carter, value of the piston stroke, number of change ratio, cooling system, power system, carburator size or of the throttle bodies.

The set quantity of tyres is 10 per round, with a maximum of 4 front and 6 rear.


See the complete regulation
Download the regulation 2018 (.pdf) – Download Adobe Acrobat Reader