Tazio Nuvolari

The circuit Tazio Nuvolari di Cervesina (PV) has a lenght of 2.805 meters and has a main straight of 720mt, along which a maximum of 286 km/hrs can be reached by bikes.

The track has a good balance between right-hand turns (6) and left-hand turns (5) and a constant width of 12mt. The width become 13mt in closeness of the main straight.

The circuita has been developed with a peculiar attention to the pleasure of riding, to the safety and favouring the take-overs. Wide run-off zones allows to the less experts riders to correct trajectory mistakes before ending on gravel.

The circuit has built on a modular-concept, since both an “intermediate” version of 1700mt or a “short” version of 900mt can be used (even at the same time).

TRACK LAP: www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtyiO8wCGmo

WEBSITE: www.circuitotazionuvolari.it

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